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A car is a big investment. We can keep yours running for many more miles.

About Honest Engine Garage Henniker NH

Established in 2008, and in our current Henniker location since 2011, Honest Engine’s mission is to provide our clients with an unparalleled service experience. Nobody enjoys having to visit the garage, but we take pride in making it as painless as possible. Clean, comfortable waiting area, clean bathrooms, professional service and appearance standards, FREE loaner vehicles while we’re working on your vehicle are just a few of the things you’ll find different about us. We invest heavily to have the correct tools and equipment necessary to perform any service that your car or truck requires, from Acura to Volvo and everything in between.

Jerry Newton, owner: Jerry cut his teeth in the automotive repair world in the 80’s, after serving in the US Army. He attended trade school to learn the basics, then jumped into the business by working with some of the finest “old school” mechanics around, learning the ropes about fuel and ignition systems, how to make an engine run properly, how to diagnose and repair failures, and how to make a vehicle pass the state-mandated tailpipe emissions test. The days of tailpipe testing and carburetors are long gone now, but many of those very primal points of knowledge carry over into the technological age, as engines still run on fuel and spark. The challenge now is to remain technically proficient with the advent of computer technology, both in the cars and in the repair shop. Jerry is also extremely proficient in dealing with electrical and electronic issues as they arise in modern motor vehicles, and actually enjoys solving complex electrical and computer problems.

Lou Ellen at the front counter brings her years of experience managing a variety of different businesses, and she efficiently runs the front of the house at Honest Engine. When you call us, she’s likely the person that you’ll be speaking with on the phone, and the person that’s usually at the front window. Among her many talents, she is honest, direct, and is a vital asset to Honest Engine. Lou Ellen makes the company run, and her organizational skills are what allow us to keep our promises to you.

Jay, in the repair shop, also brings his years of experience to Honest Engine, as well as a commitment to quality and craftsmanship that is unparalleled. His love for mechanical work shows in the customized vehicles that he drives, and even in his family: his kids are named after automobile brands. We are fortunate to have a technician of his caliber on staff, and he is an interesting fellow to boot.

Come in and get to know us. We want to be your repair shop. No need to go anywhere else for your automotive needs: we literally do it all, and have the skills and resources to get it done.

Jerry Newton

Honest Engine Auto Repair
29 Liberty Hill Rd
Henniker NH 03242


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