Seasonal Service

A car is a big investment. We can keep yours running for many more miles.

Seasonal & Annual Services

If you live in New England, you should definitely consider owning snow tires for your car or truck. Snow tires offer substantially greater traction and stopping ability over all-season tires. At Honest Engine, we not only sell and install all types of tires, but we will store your seasonal tires on-site. What does that mean to you? No more lugging them into and out of the garage twice a year, making the trek down to the repair shop with the tires in your back seat, getting your clothes and car interior dirty. Not to mention the spiders, who love to build webs inside your tires! We will deal with all of that for you. Tires are stored indoors in our loft storage area, so they are warm, dry, and out of the elements at all times. And let us worry about the spiders.

Other annual services that you should consider, and allow us to take care of for you:

  • Your battery should be tested twice a year, preferable in the Spring and Fall.
  • Your coolant strenth (freeze point and boiling point) should be tested annually.
  • Official Annual State Inspections, of course.
  • Your wheel alignment should be checked/adjusted once a year.

Free Loaner Vehicles

Probably the most significant thing about having your car or truck let you down is that we are all very busy and mobile. We need to get to work, we need to pick up the kids at school, we need to be able to run our errands. When available, we are happy to give you a car to drive while your vehicle is being repaired. We provide loaners at no charge to you, because we know it’s important for you to be able to get to work, get to school, go about your life. Nobody likes it when their car lets them down, but we can lessen the impact by making sure that you can still do what you need to do while it’s being expertly repaired.

Make an Appointment today. A car is a big investment. We can keep yours running for many more miles.

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