The Legend of JFN

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The Legend of JFN

In his previous tenure as a mechanic at Banks Cadillac, Jerry Newton earned a reputation for being able to make major repairs on engines and transmissions very quickly. It wasn’t uncommon for him to remove an engine from a vehicle, put it on the engine stand, tear it down into a few hundred pieces, replace all of the pistons and rings, and have that car running and driving out the door again in about six hours. Other things, like transmission replacements, oil pan replacements (which is a major job), and the like would always be done within one day, where other technicians would take two or even three days to complete the same task.

Jerry left Banks Cadillac in 2004 and went to another dealership. Working at a dealership is like being part of a small family. All the technicians know each other from other dealerships, because they tend to move from one place to another and they attend training classes together. Eventually, one of the service advisors from the new dealership where Jerry was working ended up leaving and took a job with the old dealership, Banks Cadillac.

They kept in touch. One day the service advisor relayed a story about what had transpired at the dealership.

A technician had approached him with a repair order for a customer’s Cadillac. This customer’s engine needed to come apart and be resealed, and it was up to this service advisor to call the customer and sell the job. The advisor told the tech, “Wait one minute, I’ll get him on the phone right now.” So as the tech stood there, the advisor called up and sold the job to the owner. Upon completing the phone call, the advisor turned to the technician and told him to go ahead with the work. Jokingly, he said to the tech, “You’ll have that done by the end of the day, right?”

To which the technician scoffed and replied, “Who do you think I am? Jerry F%#$@ Newton?”
A legend was born.

To his friends and customers, he is known as JFN

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